Monday, January 30, 2012

California Days

Its really hard to write a blog when one is out everyday doing things!  Its been such fun being here in the States and enjoying family and friends and fantastic weather!  Who can beat this?  Its perfect here in Southern California - beautiful, warm, sunshiny, just fantastic.  So I have been spending my days visiting friends, going to the beach, soaking in the weather and the beauty and storing it up for when I go back to Mongolia.  I hear the weather there is -40F!!!  What a contrast.

For the past two weeks our church has had old friends visiting and speaking at various events and meetings.  They are the Hulls - dear friends from way back, spiritual, godly, people, of real substance!  Here is a picture of them!

Bernard and Hazel Hull

Here are some other pictures of our trip to Florida.

Out for a walk near my Mom's house - Grandpa and Audrey

See how photogenic we all are?  haha

Me and My Mom near the pool at her house - not a good picture of Mom!  Sorry Mom!

Audrey loved the "Big Girl's Pool!"

Always the ham!

She was either not happy or contemplating something!

My happy girls!

Ahhh, the beach at Sanibel Island, Fort Myers, Florida

My beautiful girls

Enjoying the beach

As Dana says, "Me and My Hunny!"

Having a coffee at Sanibel

Playing cards with my Lovely Mom!  Again, not a good picture!  Why didn't we get better pictures?

Having a coffee with Christy and Audrey in Savaanah, Georgia

Back in Ohio with Eric's parents Jim and Kris
I don't know where all the other pictures are of my family including my sister and Eric!!!  We did not do well at all with photos this time.  Anyway, next post will be California pictures.