Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer in Mongolia

Summer in Mongolia
Mongolia is an arid climate but this summer it has rained more days than not which has made it quite humid and sticky.  However, the hills have come alive with varied shades of green with wildflowers.  We've enjoyed many hikes out in the countryside - enjoy the pictures.
Chingilte mountain

Daniel and Abigail Horton

CiCi and her friend - students from MIU

Mei and Bombii - students

The woods

Looking down on the city - Ulaanbataar

Auggie - MIU student

Our host family when we first arrived hosted a wedding at their house in Gachurt which is 30 minutes outside of the city.  Gansukh and Oogie are a lovely Christian couple who have such a heart and compassion for others.  Their home is always open to those in need and often they have others living with them.  The young man who got married also enjoyed the hospitality of their home for many months.  We also have known the couple upon arriving in Mongolia for Daascha was living with Gansukh and Oogie when we arrived.  

Dascha & Chimgae - the happy couple

He was so shy he could hardly smile!

This little gal (about 13 yrs old) was one of the relatives daughter who could really sing well.  She sang Mongolian traditional songs.  The audience would all break out in song together.  Mongolians LOVE to sing!

I never met anyone that age so confident with such a strong voice!

This is a traditional sheep which adorned the table.  They have this at all special occasions.

This is Gansukh, the owner of the house and our dear friend.

The happy couple!

These two people were visitors from Luxembourg and Germany who were visiting our friend, Amar, who is the Dean of the Dental school here in UB.  The gal on the right owns a business and has invented dental concrete which she is trying to sell to 3rd world countries.  She is one of two companies who manufacture this stuff.  The other gentleman is a distributor of her dental concrete and many other things having to do with dentistry.  Very interesting people!

The wedding table.  The man on the bride's right is her Father.

A good looking young lad

This is Oogie and her daughter who own the house where the wedding was held.  They are a lovely Christian family with great hearts for others.

This lovely scene is just behind their house and down a bit of a hill.  The Tuul river which is overflowing its banks because of all the rain we've had recently!

Another day we took a hike in Central Amik to the mountain, called Tse Tse Guun which is one of the highest mountains in the area.  It was a 6 hour hike in total - 3 hours up and 3 hours down!  Richard befriended an army Colonel on his walks to work in the morning.  We went on the hike with him and his son and daughter and a couple of our friends.

This young man lives in our building.  His name is Turbolt. He lived in America for 6 years and his English is excellent.  The girl is the Colonel's daughter - she is 13 years old.

At the base of the mountain is a monastery so we checked it out first.

This was the original monastery building which was destroyed by Stalin in WWII.

This is Mei inside the building.

The colors were fabulous!

This is Usuk the Colonel's son who is studying to be an MD in Russia.

A steady climb for 3 hours!  Walking sticks helped a lot!

Someone built a shelter which was pretty awesome!
Foxgloves - beautiful!

As far as we went which was 2 hours from the top!  I couldn't go on anymore!

Pretty awesome!

On our way down again!

Back to base - we were tired!

This gal saw Richard and I resting and came back to us and prayed for us.  She realized my knees were sore!  It turned out she is a fortune teller!!!!!  She couldn't speak much English!

Beautiful country.

The Colonel and his daughter - lovely folk!

The final portrait with the Colonel's friends who came to pick us up

Mei and Deegii

Waiting for our ride

The countryside was just beautiful!

Yesterday we visited another area in the countryside.  It was a special day with our friend Tseko and her Mom and brother Nimja.  They took us to a Nadam festival where we enjoyed watching wrestling, horse riding, and Hosher, which is the traditional food at Nadam.

The beginning of the Horse Races

The contestants ages 6-8

Many come to watch and cheer on the contestants

Boy and his grandpa

Nimja, Tseko's Mom, and Tseko

A storm coming in

An old codger on his horse

These two guys were quite friendly - love the pink hat!

The horse wouldn't raise his head

Wrestling Ceremony begins

One of the judges

They go at it

When the judges want to encourage the wrestlers they pat them on the butt!


A large Morin Hur - the traditional Mongolian musical instrument

Two hours later the horses come back - this gal was first!

Here they come!

This little guy was moving at fast clip

We went to a natural spring and had our lunch.  Tseko was chasing the cows

The head of the spring

He was giving me the look - "Don't even think about it!"

And then promptly trotted off!


We went for a walk in the surrounding hills.

The natural fauna was beautiful

Tseko is very photogenic!

So is Nimja

In fact, we all are!

Queen Anne's Lace

The second race just coming back

Love the way this guy is looking back to see who else is coming!

This is a non-stop race of 2 hours!  The horse were pretty tired out!

There were about 40 participants all young kids most without a saddle going at full clip

These kids learned to ride before they learned to walk

Nimja went for a ride - this horse was foaming at the mouth!!  I think he had had enough.

This captures it.

Tseko tried her hand.