Monday, July 29, 2013

The Wedding

Our daughter Kim and her now husband, Lenny, were married on June 22nd.  It was a beautiful day in Southern California and I'd like to tell you all about it!

Kim and Lenny rented an estate outside of San Diego for 3 days so the wedding rehearsal and the wedding were held there.  The house was a 5 bedroom house and the grounds were about 2 acres of land.  The wedding was held in the front yard and the reception in the back yard.  Kim planned her entire wedding and did a stupendous job!  She bought all the table linens, table decorations, lights, decorations around the reception area, etc. etc.  On the day before the wedding we set up the area for the reception and the wedding.

Kim bought the mason jars and filled them with lavender and a candle.  We hung them up around the backyard for the reception.

Kim bought all the linens and table runners and vases

Table lanterns filled with lavender and candles

The front yard where the wedding was held

The backyard for the reception.  We strung the lights!

Both parents of the families stayed in the house on Friday night for the Rehearsal dinner along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

There was the billiard room in the house - Audrey loved it!

Classic - concentration with tongue hanging out!

The bedroom in the house where we stayed!

The backyard complete with pool and jacuzzi

The Rehearsal Dinner

The kitchen
Our friend, Noel, put the flowers together for the bouquets for the wedding party.  She did a fantastic job!

Kim picked out the flowers which were delivered to the house Saturday morning

We all chipped in to help put them altogether

Noel doing her stuff!
Wedding day - the wedding started at 5pm which gave us all time to finish decorating the reception area, do the flowers and get ready!  With about 20 people staying in the house at one time you can imagine the process!

The house at night!  Isn't it spectacular?

The patio complete with BBQ

The pool - Lenny having one last swim before getting dressed for the wedding!

Audrey was the first to get ready!

Helping Kim with her dress - special moments!

Lenny getting ready!

The Groomsmen are ready!


Sisters and Audrey

Our two lovely daughters -Christy & Kim

Kim and Allison - her best friend since childhood

Kim and Audrey, the flower girl

Lenny and his groomsmen - his brother Landon is on the far left

The bridesmaids
Kim asked her Dad if he would marry them - such an honor for Richard.  He was so pleased to do it.

Here she comes on her Dad's arm

The ceremony

Lenny saying his vows

Kim saying her vows

The elders praying for the happy couple

You may kiss the bride
The two families - The Vu's and the Porowskis

The Matron of Honor and the Best Man

The two families together

Richard's family

My family

My Mom and my sister Abbe

Our good friends the Abels

Our longtime friends the Hulls from England

The Dejong's - part of our church family

Noel with Lenny and Kim

Our good friends The Estrada's, and our church friend Alondra
Stephanie our niece with her fiance Chris

Richard's sister Irene and her husband Gary

We missed Eric so much!

My brother Jamie, his wife Carolyn and their son Jacob

My sister Vicki and her husband Shawn

My dear friend Claudia and her daughter Farah

My brother Rick and his wife Kathy

Richard's sister Anne

Richard's brother Jim and his wife Ginny

Our dear friends Rob and Cha
The reception - announcing the wedding party

Their first dance

Father - Daughter dance

Everyone had fun dancing
Cutting the cake

Jersua caught the brides bouquet - tradition in American weddings

Dancing to swing music

The happy couple

Mr. & Mrs. Vu
And that was our wonderful day!