Monday, April 29, 2013

Kim's Getting Married!

Our youngest daughter Kim is getting married in June!  We are quite excited about it and so happy that she has found the love of her life.  Kim met Lenny at a Swing Dance Club and they have been dancing ever since!

They will be getting married June 22nd in California!  

Here is a picture of Kim and her fiance - Lenny Vu

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our precious granddaughter Audrey

Audrey as a kitty cat!
Audrey turned 5 this April!  Can't believe it!  Here are a few photos which Christy took for her birthday and the past year.

What a sweetie!

Monday, April 8, 2013

New Apartment

Dear Friends: 

We've moved to another apartment.  Truthfully, we were considering it but when our landlord asked us to move out because they wanted to move back in, that settled the matter!  So in 3 short weeks we found another place and moved in.  This apartment is smaller - 1 bedroom instead of 2 - however, the living room is larger which is what we wanted.  The noise situation in the other apartment was getting to be too much!  We were not sleeping well and with the constant noise were a bit edgy as well!  So we are very thankful.  The new apartment is only a few blocks away but it is set back from the main road and is much quieter.  The layout of the apartment is also more like a home.  It is decorated and furnished ready to move in.  We loved it the moment we saw it and no other apartment we looked at compared to it. 

The name of the apartment is "American Denge" (American Town) however, there are very few "American's living there!

As you walk in the front door

Richards desk is in the entry way!

Entry way other side (to the left the kitchen/living room) to the right (our bedroom)

Kitchen/Living room

love the color!!!!!  I feel like I am cooking in a cooking show!

Leather couch!!!  But white?

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The place came furnished and they bought a new TV just for us!  Now we can watch the news without the "fuzzies"

Eating area - nice floors too!
The bathtub is made for baths!
The bathroom
The amazingly wonderful automatic washing machine!  I now LOVE to do wash!
The bedroom - it is a home-made King size bed!  The family all slept in the same bed - they had 2 kids!  No wonder they moved - their kids were getting older!
Bedroom - see the air filter next to the lamp?  That is a life saver in the winter when you can cut the smog with a knife!
There is a little enclosed patio -but it is filled with boxes and suitcases!  You don't want to see that!
The beds in Mongolia are box springs!  So glad we brought our 2 inch memory foam!

The lighting is absolutely fabulous