Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring is Coming to Mongolia!  The snows are melting and the weather is changing.  There is still promise of snow through June, however, we are fluctuating between winter and summer every week with a few days of each.  The trees are even sprouting their leaves and now there is a bit of color in UB.

Spring in the City!

On our way to visit the Chingas Khan Monument

The Chingas Khan Monument - made out of stainless steel!
 Richard and I and a few others took a Saturday and went to visit the Chingas Khan Monument which is about 1 hour outside of UB city.  This was designed and created by one person who works for the government in UB.  There are plans for it to be a huge park with camping resorts (Mongolian style - gers) and several shops.  We visited it 3 years ago and not much has been done since then.

This is literally out in the middle of nowhere!  The roads to get here are treacherous!

School is out in a mere 3 weeks and so we are winding down now with our classes and getting ready for finals.  This is the last semester for most of our teachers - they will be heading home to their various countries and beginning a new life.  MIS will be a brand new school in the sense of new teachers, a new Director, and even new students.  I am contemplating what I should do next year - stay at MIS or change to another job.  There are several opportunities and I am seeking the Lord as to where He will lead me.