Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Website

The countryside with Nomadic Herders
Welcome to my new website!  You will be able to keep up with all our news on a weekly basis if you check in with me on this website.  Hopefully, I can supply pictures and give you the newsy news you are looking for!  Right now we are still waiting for our contract and a final agreement from MIU (Mongolian International University) before we can move forward.  We did meet with the President of Mongolian International University while he was visiting here in LA last week.  He defined the roles we would be signing up which I'd like to describe to you now.

First of all Dr. Kwon would like Dick to be the Director of the Foundation Course as well as teach one class in English.  The Foundation Course is an English program for all incoming students.  Most of the students coming to the school are coming from Russia, China, Afganistan, Mongolia and other countries.  Because their English may not be good enough to enter an all English University they have to take 1 year of English before entering school.  Dick would be the Director of this program.  It would involve heading up the staff, processing new contracts for students, making sure the program is running smoothly, administration work and then teaching one class 3 hours per week.  They also asked him to be involved with leading some Bible studies and some Chaplaincy work.

Then he turned to me and said, "so you are interested in being the Director of LEI?"  LEI is the adult education program for people in the community who want to learn English but not necessarily join the school.  I was surprised he thought I wanted to be the Director and said so.  I said I just wanted to teach english.  He then very graciously said that without a BA degree because of the accreditation I couldn't teach.  But after looking after my resume he thought I could work as a College Coordinator.  There are two schools MIU and MIS which need a College Coordinator.  MIS is the Junior High/High School which MIU started for their missionary teachers and their kids.  The kids often would like to go to school in the US and Dr. Kwon would like me to be the liaison between the students and the schools in the US.  He also would like me to eventually make contracts with the US Universities and College and also attend the US conference for College Coordinators held in the US once a year.  He also would like me to bring teams of "christian" students to Mongolia for mission trips.  So once again being the liaison between the schools and MIU.  This to me sounds much more interesting and I would feel a little more qualified at something like this because of my background with Caring for China and being the Recruiter for that organization for the past 10 years.

They would like us to come to Mongolia mid January and begin in the 2nd semester which begins February 4th.  So we are praying that all will work towards that - we need signed contracts, visas, plane tickets, and we need to pack up the house by then!  Time is closing in on us!  Please pray for us in this regard.  Thanks so much!

So that's the latest from the Porowski household.  I'll keep you updated!


  1. Thanks for the update. We will be praying for you often! Jim Porowski

  2. Congratulations! What an adventure! You have lots of courage, and I'll be thinking about you. Love, Anne