Wednesday, June 15, 2011


MIS Graduation took place on June 7th, 2011 at 10:30 am.  It was our first commencement and I felt it ran fairly smoothly considering all the huff and puffing we did to get it all together.  In Mongolia High School only goes till 11th grade.  So our "3" graduates finished 11th grade here at MIS while their other grades were completed in other schools.  All of the kids at MIS are Korean missionary kids whose parents are serving somewhere here in Ulaanbaatar.  They've had quite a time at this school facing many obstacles and frustrations but as this year progressed things got better and better. 

Here are some pictures of our graduates.

From the left:  Sung Kyoung Yeon, Tae Yeob Yeo; and Chang Lim

Introduction to our Ceremony by Jay Lee, our Vice Principal

Welcoming Speech by our President, Dr. Kwon
Congratulatory Speech by the Director of Educational Ministries in Ulaanbaatar
All of MIS Students sang The BENEDICTION song
The Music Appreciation Class taught by Tiffany Sumpter, one of our teachers did an excellent job teaching this song to the kids.

Receiving of Diplomas

Receiving of Diplomas
Praise, Chang Lim did a wonderful job on her speech

Tae Yeob was our comic relief and had the audience laughing

Sung Kyoung gave a touching speech thanking all her teachers personally

Now for the talent - These two played a guitar duet from Twlight

Josh then played a guitar piece called The Red Shoes which was a classical piece done very nicely
More speeches about the graduates from the other MIS students

These kids did an excellent job

Tommy gave a speech for Tae Yeob
MIS Students and Teachers with the President and Vice Principal
Throwing the Hats!
Good Friends

Praise's Parents

It's over!

My colleagues - Michelle (Assistant to Vice Principal) and Psychology teacher; and Tiffany our History, English, and Music Appreciation teacher

Tommy's Dad (one of the boys who gave a speech) , and Ricardo Richard's boss
My other colleagues, Gaana( MIS Secretary) and Nahee (our Graphic Designer)

Sunny, our Chinese and Computer Skills teacher.  She and I share an office

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