Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tsaargan sar

 This week has been a holiday week here in Mongolia.  Its the celebration of the Lunar New Year and lasts for 5 days.  Basically every Mongolian family spends time with their other family members going from house to house and eating the traditional foods. 

We enjoyed Tsaargan Sar at our friends Nergui & Munguu's family home

As you can see from the picture there is a sheep meat in the middle of the table.  They have to purchase a whole sheep and then boil it down in a huge cauldron in their home.  The tower of bread and milk products are a picture of the typical foods which Mongolians eat.  The other traditional foods are Bouutz, Milk tea, Ariq, Potato salad and Ham(which is sausage to us).

As we enter into the home we are visiting the elder parents who are dressed in their Dell's(traditional clothing) greet us with a special greeting and then extend a blue scarf in a kind of handshake then kissing each side of our faces.  We are then escorted into their living room where we feast on the traditional foods.  It is a time to get acquainted for us but for family members it is a family time - a joyful time together.  Many of the families make over 2000 Boutz to be prepared for all their visitors.  In the 5 days of the holiday people are going from house to house to celebrate the Lunar New Year. 

The traditional greeting

Look at the sheep!
The Table laden with Traditional Mongolian Foods

We were blessed to visit two families of our dear friends.  Anu and her Mother and Grandfather also invited us to their home.  They live in the center of the city in an apartment.

This is Anu's home with her Mom and Grandfather

A lovely meal of Veal Cutlet

Didi and Anu

Anu's Mom who prepared all the food

Didi also comes to our Bible study - she lives next door to Anu

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