Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lake Huvsgal, Mongolia - a beautiful spot on the earth!

We took a trip to Lake Huvsgal which is about 350 miles north of Ulaanbataar.  Our American friend, Tom Keller, moved up to this spot to work as a volunteer dentist and to link up with a mission group in Hatgal.  We spent a week with Tom and felt we were transported to paradise so to speak!  Please take a look at our trip through pictures!

This truly was the color of the water!

A small sand bar

Our friend Tom

Tom in front of his cabin - we called it Uncle Tom's Cabin!

Our friends Nergui and Muunguu


Before our boat ride on Lake Huvsgal

It was quite chilly!

Group Photo

Tom wants to buy one of these horses so he can get around!

The burial grounds

Burial grounds

This is behind Tom's cabin! 

The man, Richard Pororwski

So gorgeous

The stillness and the quietness of the place was wonderful

Nergui displaying Tom's wolf skin!

Can't get enough of the pastoral scenes

Munguu in Uncle Tom's cabin!

Tom and Richard went for a hike and this little fellow came up for a hug!

The sky was amazing

He said, "You got a problem?"

In front of another cabin on the property where Tom lives

Our horse guide

A view of the lake from the top of the mountain

The horses getting a rest

We rode down to the lake also

She was quite the horse rider

The church folks meeting at Mickey & Trina's cabin

The church in Hatgal

The outside of the church meeting place

Walking back from church


  1. wonderful pictures! love the close up of the horse - it looks like it's wearing eye liner hahaha

  2. I've had poor internet access at Ray's dad's in FL. Just got to MI last Thursday. Now I see what I'm missing. It looks very breathtaking! Mary Lynn DeVito