Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Tribute to Enid Miller

My dear friend Enid passed away on Friday May 16th - she was 92 years old.  Enid loved the Lord all her life when she received the call to work in Africa at age 10.  When she was 20 years old she began to serve the Lord in Africa where she stayed for 35 years.  Enid was instrumental in translating the New Testament into one of the Bantu languages while she was in Gabon Africa.

I met Enid when she returned from Gabon while she was living in Pasadena California.  Enid knew a friend of ours, Norman Meeten, whom she met in France at a Bible conference.  Norman came to California to speak in our church and invited Enid to join us.  That was our first meeting and the beginning of many years of friendship and fellowship in the Lord.

Enid was 40 years older than I, yet she was a true friend and sister in the Lord.  Her lively spirit full of praise and thankfulness to the Lord was an inspiration to myself and to many.  She loved to tell stories of Africa and what the Lord did while she lived and worked there.

Enid was a living example of a soul who loved God all the days of her life, she exuded joy and praise, and testified to God's faithfulness on a daily basis.  

At Town & Country Manor where she spent her last several years

Enid often joined our home church on Sunday mornings

She also joined us for Thanksgiving each year for many years

Here's Enid with our home church picture back in 2010

We often had lunch after church - Enid enjoyed our lunches very much!

Enid came to my Mother-in-law's 80th birthday.  She and Enid were good friends.

Enid often invited many for lunch at The Manor.  We were just one of many of her guests.

Enid and Norman Meeten. 

Enid at our Christmas Party - we played a game where we all dressed up and took group pictures!  She was  good sport!

Here are some photos of her life in Africa. 
In the first photo Enid has just arrived in the Congo by train. She had to travel through jungle country to get to and from her work in the Gabon.
She had to go by truck to her destination
Enid arriving in the Congo by Train (age 22)
A fellow worker on the compound

Crossing the river

The jungle roads were quite rough

Working with Dr. Albert Sweitzer

Enid being carried along the jungle trails

Enid with a friend

The Bible compound where Enid worked

Displaying the finished New Testament which Enid and her co-worker had translated

Fresh monkey for dinner!

The women which Enid became close to in Africa
Enid's closest friend and prayer partner (in orange) saying goodbye as she was returning to the States after 37 years of service to the Lord in Africa      

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  1. I so enjoy reading this and admire her life of serving our Lord. My heart longed for Africa during my college years. My husband and I were stationed with the Peace Corps for Ghana when I was 22 but 4 months before our departure date I got pregnant so we never got to go. I was going to work in the health clinics serving the Mothers and babies I have a BA in nutrition. Now my four children are in College, whom I homeschooled, and two of them have talked about going.

    Thank you for sharing Enid's life. She is an inspiration. I love the photos of her in Africa.