Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looks Like its a GO!!

Yesterday we got the contracts and a letter of invitation has been sent to the Mongolian Embassy here in LA.  They say 3-4 weeks until the visa comes through.  Which means by mid February we should be good to go.  However, Richard needs to give his 2 week notice and we still have much packing to do before then.  It is very exciting to begin this new journey in our lives and we look forward to all the Lord has for us to do there in Mongolia.

The couple renting our house has arrived and is settling in.  They are very wonderful people and we are so blessed to have them here.  They will be a great asset to the church here as well.  They have a darling little boy 1 year old.

Please pray that all the loose ends will come together.  We still need to find a place to live in Mongolia - a furnished apartment particularly and that we can get all the things done which need our attention right now.  Much patience is the order of the day and endurance too!

Thanks again!

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