Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our New Home

The Lord has blessed us with a new home here in Ulaanbataar which is so centrally located to our school, shops, and churches.  We only looked at 3 apartments and when we walked into this one we knew it was where we should be.  The price was just what we wanted to spend after a little negotiating from our friends.  We are overjoyed by the Lord's provision!  The Lord gave me the verse in Exodus 23:20 before we left and we have seen His Hand bless us over and over again already.  Take a look at the pictures below.


Living Room

Living Room #2

Breakfast Nook with View

Second Bedroom & Richard's Study

Our bedroom - kind of stark

2nd View of our bedroom
We've been blessed to have so much help all along the way.  Our Mongolian friends have stepped right up and come alongside us to show us the shops helping us to buy what we need, etc.  We could not have survived without them.  Here are a few pictures of some of the helpers we've had.

The lady in the pink shirt is the Mom of the gal in the green shirt.  They came three days to help us taking us around to shops to get our computer set up, get the things we need for the apartment, and help clean the apartment.  Dear souls.  They loved unpacking my dishes!

Here are a few photos of the views from our apartment window.

View to the right of our kitchen nook window

Same view only clearer

View from the left side of our balcony
As you can see we live on a very busy street corner.  Living in the city can be a challenge with all the noises of the cars, buses, sirens, horns, and people talking.  But we are getting used to it.  The following pictures are of our actual building.  It's actually a very nice building compared to many around.  The trouble is the electricity goes off now and again.  I'd hate to be in the elevator when that happens!  Today we had no electricity from 11am - 6pm.  One has to be flexible!

If you follow this road you will come to the center of town

Looking at our place straight on - we are on the 6th floor

Side view - Grocery store in the basement!  How convenient!
We start work beginning on Monday April 11th.  Next week I'll send pictures of the school and some of the staff where we will be working.  Right now we are so happy to be in our own place and resting up from our trip and all the ordeal of living in Mongolia.  Normal daily chores take so much longer here.

We are so glad to have friends here already in Mongolia before we arrived. We would not have survived our first days here without their kindness and care.  So we are learning our way slowly and feeling a little more "at home" as each day goes by.

Tomorrow Lloyd Maxson and his wife will take us around to the American food shop and the vegetable stalls and meat stalls they shop at.  Some of you may remember meeting Lloyd when he visited our church in California.  Again, we are so thankful for people coming alongside us and teaching us the ropes!

Thank you all again for your prayers!  We feel the weight of those prayers everyday here and are so moved by the love and care of all you dear people!  You all are so very special to us and we love you so dearly!

Stay tuned for more from Mongolia!

Love, Kathy


  1. Your new home is so nice. Those windows are amazing. I don't even think it looks stark...but then again I don't hang much on the walls, I don't like clutter. Happy settling in.

  2. PTL, so excited about your apartment!! Not only did he provide an apartment, but helpers! Isn't the Lord so good?

  3. I like the apartment! The inside is nicer than I was expecting it to be :) So glad everything worked out! Looking forward to more pictures in the future. Love you!

  4. I love seeing the updates and hearing about what the Lord is doing! It's so encouraging to see Him working in such big ways. Love you so much and look forward to hearing/seeing more!

  5. Wow! Your new home looks great. With a little bit more decors, your home would be really fabulous. By the way, I love your big windows. The ambient lighting makes your home seem very inviting. What makes it better is that you get to save on utility bills because you already have plenty of natural lighting in your home.

    Roxie Tenner