Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Work Place

We are thankful that there is a bus stop just below our apartment building, so we don't have far to walk to catch the bus to work.  In the Spring, it is very windy and therefore very dusty.  Our clothes get dirty so fast.  Don't every think of wearing white or light clothing because it will be filthy by the end of the day.  

We work approximately 2 miles from our apartment.  The bus takes us 15 minutes or 4 bus stops to our destination.  This is wonderful.  The bus costs either 200 or 300 Tugrits which is about 20-30 cents in US dollars!  Imagine.

Our work hours are 8:30-5:30pm each day.  By the time we get home, do the shopping and make dinner its already 8pm or 9pm.  So there isn't much time to do much before bed.  

Below is a picture of the school buildings on campus.  What do you think of the campus?  If you double click on the pictures they will enlarge.

The Main building at MIU

A better picture of the main building

The building where I work (4th floor) is where MIS (Mongolian International School) is located

Richard's building across from mine.  He works on the 2nd floor in the LEI Office.

Surrounding the campus are other buildings which look very rundown and uninhabitable!  What do you think?

They want to have a sports day out here on the grounds!  Seems rather treacherous to me.
Richard's office looks much more like an office than mine!

Richard oversees about 6 teachers all from different areas of the world.

There he is now talking with the Secretary

My office, however, is shared with 2 other teachers but it doesn't feel much like an office!

I am glad to have a real desk!

The corner is the catch all!

I haven't had much contact with the students but am mainly stuck at the computer all day.  Hopefully, that will change as time passes.

Stay tuned for more information about the churches we've attended.

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  1. I think I like my university campus better ;) hehe

    Just think of it as a gardening opportunity -- I bet you could do wonders with that green thumb of yours!