Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Road Trip to Santa Maria

My good friend Claudia and I took a road trip up the Coast of California to Santa Maria.  We visited her sister Christine in Ventura.  Christine lives on a boat in the marina in Ventura.

Starting out on our trip
Claudia's sister Christine's boat in Ventura, California

Their 43 ft sailboat which they sailed to Japan in

Its called "The Messenger" because they went to Japan to bring the gospel.

We walked around the Marina
There are many people who live in their boats in this Marina

It was a beautiful day!
The Tall Ships were in Harbor

People were climbing the masts and working on them
Beautiful Scenery on the way to Santa Maria

The Fauf and her little Doodle

He looks just like a Drazin

Westly - 10 months old
Horse Farm

Beautiful sunset

The hills of California
Beautiful hills

Look at the sky!


More vineyards

Highway 101 - The Ocean
Claudia at Riley's Farm
Riley's Farm where Claudia's son lives

Grandma's house on the Farm
The Tavern where we stopped for tea

Colonial Fireplace in the Tavern on Riley's Farm

The Tavern
The backside of the farm


  1. Nice pictures! Looks like you had a good time :)

  2. Love the pics - looks like you are having fun editing!! :) Looks like the trip was great!