Friday, May 6, 2011

Boxes arrived!

Our boxes arrived from America last weekend.  I believe it was Friday morning that we had prayed, "Lord, please send our boxes!"  We were really needing our things for cooking and our spring clothes.  We set off for work and came home at quitting time.  I was hoping to get home in time to see the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  We got home and Richard turned on the TV remarking with a gasp, "they are walking down the aisle!"  So we watched some while making dinner and just sat down to eat when the phone rang.  It was Ganna, the Secretary at MIU.  She was so excited - "Your luggage is here and can you come right now and pick them up?"  Of course, we were jubilant!  "Yes!"  She said she'd pick us up at our apartment.  I was trying to explain over the phone that we needed a van because we had 8 BIG boxes.  "Yes, yes", she said.  "Be downstairs in 10 minutes and we will go!"  So, we went downstairs to find her in a small taxi!  I told her there is no way we could fit 8 large boxes in this taxi.  So she called MIU's driver who came in the minivan.  Off we went across town which is normally a 20 minute drive but this was now 6:15pm.  Rush hour!  It took us 1 hour to get to the cargo company and there were our boxes in a heap outside the building.  All present and accounted for without damage except for one which was slightly opened but nothing missing.  We fit them all into the van which was in itself a small miracle and set off for home. 

I unpacked all the boxes that night - it took me 2 hours!
It was like Christmas opening gifts!

This picture is taken in the entrance hallway of our apartment

    Richard took a few pictures of the apartment afterwards with our stuff from home.  Not sure if it looks much different but it sure feels more like home!

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