Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hotel Mongolia

The Entrance to Hotel Mongolia

Today we went to the second most interesting place in Ulaanbataar.  Hotel Mongolia, located outside of the city about 10 km, is one of the most interesting hotel/restaurants in the city.  Richard's boss, Jicardo, brought us there for lunch.
Door knockers

They have the coolest doors here.  I'd like one of these on my apartment door! 
Welcome to our home!

Take a tour with me of the Hotel.  There are many interesting things to look at.
The Khan's

The Hotel and surrounding property

These pictures were all around the ceiling

A Display case of former life in Mongolia

This is the Restaurant

I've been told that in Chinggis Khan's day those bowls under the statue were filled with Vodka!

See the elaborate dragons?

This is a hotel and those ger's are the rooms - it cost $100 a night to stay here

This was taken from inside one of the rooms

The entrance to the ger

Even had a TV!

They were obviously preparing the room!

The Restaurant

Cool Leather Menu

The grounds

Richard's boss, Ricardo

Richard's wife!!

The lovely river

Birch trees

For some reason these trees remind me of Dr. Zhivago

As you can see it was a beautiful day and I had great company!

They even had a beach with a volleyball net!!!!!!!!!!!

That truck on the right is the Ice Cream truck!!!

Lastly, beautiful paintings displayed in the hotel

Lovely, yes?

Are you ready to visit Mongolia yet?  Our doors are always open and our hearts are wide open!  We have an extra room and maybe will even have door knockers when you arrive!  Come soon!


  1. I'd love to come visit! That is if you pay my way and get me a few days out of school ;) haha

    Love the pictures!

  2. Love the pictures, they are beautiful. So glad you both are doing well.