Friday, May 20, 2011

Vast Land and Big Sky

Sheep Station

The countryside of Mongolia is beautiful with its green rolling hills and the blue blue sky.  It is something to come out of the noise of the city to this quiet place and feast your eyes upon the beauty of God's creation!  This picture reminds me of the scripture in Isaiah, " He shall lead His flock like a Shepherd, He shall gather its young in His arms, and carry them in His bosom, and gently lead those who are with young."

Birch Trees

My favorite tree, Birch Trees, grow up and alongside the mountains.  They are a hearty tree, must be for the winters are -40F here.  One has to be hearty to live in Mongolia.  The contrasts of life are great.  One truly appreciates the passing of winter and emergence of spring in a place like this!

Tiara Ger Resort

 We spent a weekend here in Tirelge Park, a preserved park just outside of Ulaanbataar.  Yes, we slept in a ger, the traditional Mongolian home and found it to be very comfortable and adequate.  Many people come to the countryside in the summer for their holidays and enjoy hiking, relaxing, riding horses, and playing games.

Lei Teachers Staff

Richard and I went with his office staff to Tirelge Park to enjoy the weekend together.  It was very enjoyable and a lot of fun.  We did some hiking and went horse back riding on the famous Mongolian horses.  The horses are smaller than horses in America but very fast. 

My horse wanted to go faster than most of the group

Here I am trying to hold back the horse and wait for the others!
Most of the horse or the riders were to shy or afraid to let the horses gallop off.  Knowing a little about riding from many years ago, I tried to re-aquaint myself with riding and slowly progressed from the walk, to trot, to half gallop, and then finally without warning my horse took off in a full gallop.  I almost flew off but thankfully grabbed hold of the saddle handle and went flying off into the distance.  It felt like flying!

The Ger's were exceptionally clean and very nice inside.  Take a look at the Ger where Richard and I stayed.  They are heated by a wood burning stove.

The gers at this resort were exceptionally clean and nice

Queen Size Bed!

And a sofa too!
Some beautiful shots

There are wolves in the hills!

Horse kill!    

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