Friday, May 6, 2011

Jubilee Society

Today Richard and I went to a 10th anniversary of a NGO (non-government organization) called "Jubilee Society" in one of the Ger District's in Ulaanbaatar.  Their goal is to reach out to the poorest of the poor and help improve their health, education and food security. We know a lady from Malaysia, named Grace, who has worked with this organization for over 10 years.  She lectures on health education and pro life  in the local schools bringing awareness about abortion; works with stroke patients; and often travels to the countryside to give talks in many schools.  So we left work early and went with her to this gathering.  There were about 75-100 women from this Ger District community (a Ger District is an area where there are houses and Ger's.  There is no running water and some do not have electricity).  The people are quite poor and this organization helps them in many ways, i.e. with food, coal, during the winter; spiritually, etc.

Here is Grace as we were walking through the Ger District
 The next few pictures may give you an idea what one of the Ger Districts may look like

  The women were so glad to be gathered together for this program and many of the community women got up and shared how this organization had helped them,etc. It was kind of like a large ladies meeting!  You could tell it was a special day for them - a real fun gathering!  There was a group of Senior Citizens (ranging from 60 - 80+) all wearing their traditional Dell costumes - they got up to the front and all sang a song.  The Mongolians love to sing and throughout this whole program the women would go up to the front one by one and begin singing a Mongolian song.  You can hear the Russian influence in their songs -  the haunting lilting ballads of Russia.  Of course, we could not understand much as it was all in Mongolian yet we could pick out words here and there.  It was interesting to be there - this is real life for these folks and somehow I felt kind of privileged to observe it firsthand; to experience their culture and grasp something of their lives.  I suddenly thought, "this is so foreign - I feel like I'm in a foreign country!"

We are always on the look out for interesting things to see while we are out.  Today was no exception!  Richard spotted it while we were  on our way to the church where this gathering was held.  We couldn't stop to get a picture, however, on our way home we kept our eyes open for it.  See below for the find of the day!

We couldn't help ourselves, we had to get a picture!

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