Sunday, May 1, 2011

Language Study

Richard and I began in earnest Mongolian language study about 2 weeks ago.  We are being tutored during work hours M-F at MIU.  So far we can introduce ourselves, ask other people their names and say we are from America and that we don't speak Mongolian very well.  Ah, yes and we can count to 1000!  We feel quite pleased with ourselves!  haha  It is nice to be able to read and pronounce the signs even though we don't have a clue what they mean!  Last week at MIU there was a Mongolian Culture Day.  All of the Mongolian students participated and so we joined them.  We learned about the Culture by eating Mongolian foods, learning about the country, watching traditional dances and music, and even dressing up in Mongolian clothing.  Take a look at the pictures below:

Dr. Kwon, the President of MIU, making opening speeches

Nahee and Sarah (Sarah is one of the students at MIS) Nahee is the Graphic Designer at MIS
Bayarma, in her traditional Mongolian Dell
Gaana, our Mongolian teacher
Sheep's Head and Mongolian Delicacy
Students at MIS enjoying Milk Tea
Cutting the sheep's head so we could try it!
The Sheep's head is boiled for several hours
I think he just cut off the ears!
Camels and horse's milk - it tasted sour more like liquid yogurt
Here we are trying it!
Smile!  You're on candid camera!
Kind of unbelievable for us!
Making Butz - a kind of meat dumpling but steamed
There is a real knack at making these!
I gave it a try but was not very successful!
These are traditionally made at New Years for all the visiting guests.  Some families make 1500 for all their friends and relatives who come to visit during the holiday!
The end result!  Waiting to be steamed and then eaten
Me and Ganaa, our Mongolian Teacher
Richard in the traditional Dell
Doesn't he look like Robert E Lee?
Ever the Ham!
This gal performed a traditional dance for us
Singing competition amongst the students - who could sing the best in Mongolian!
Our Host Speaker

We were then treated to a special performance by a young man playing the Morin Khur which is a instrument - a cross between a cello and a violin and I'm not sure what!  Take a look at the video!

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  1. that instrument looks sort of similar to the chinese urhu.. very cool!